1 Reflective Glass

Reflective glass is made by applying a metallic oxide coating on one side of the glass substrate. The glass can be clear glass, or any tinted glass. This coating is applied through the two different methods- hard coat and soft coat. Coated Reflective glass gives durability to the glass.

2 Picture Glass

Picture glass is a 2mm non-reflective glass which helps prevent reflections and glares from spoiling your pictures and photographs. It's high transparency but low reflective properties reduce glares & reflections. Being only 2mm it is also very light, making it ideal for hanging pictures.

3 Heat curved glass & curved tempered glass

Curved glass is an arc glass manufactured by pre-treating (cut into the required sizes) and heating the glass to the softening point, then forming and cooling into the required curves by its gravity or external forces. It is widely applied to glass curtain wall, partition, canopy, furniture and etc.

Product Specification
Max Size: 2400mm x 4500mm
Min Size: 300mm x 400mm        Min Radius: 1500mm        Thickness : 4mm-19mm

4 Double Glazed Unit

ACRHITECT & Eco friendly glass

Double Glazed Unit or Insulated Glass Unit is made up of two or more glass panes, with dry air or gasses, between them.